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Tips on how to grow your brand online and get 100% off for 1 year domain name and hosting

An Online presence is one of the most important investment that a business can make. It is extremely essential in the digital age that a brand/business have an online presence. Even if your company does not sell or buy anything online, customers and potential customers are willing to see you online.
Smart business/brands realize this and thus, have their website housing their information, products and services so that potential customers can browse for products and services they want. A website is also important because it helps you establish credibility as a business or brand.

We are TFhost, a NIRA registered company and one of the best domain and hosting providers in Nigeria. We have satisfied hundreds of clients including small, medium and very established businesses and still counting

We offer 100% of all domain names like,,, using the promo code mon18 and also offer other domain names like .com, .edu, .org, .net, .gov, .ng etc. at affordable rates.
 We also offer all forms of shared hosting with bouquet ranging from micro, business, premium, to corporate hosting with the promo code host18. So it’s time for you to get your own share of the national cake.

You can also get a professional and bespoke website or your business for as low as N20,000 from TFhost. We also offer software development, application development and web development.
So take advantage of this offers and explode your sales.

To get started now.
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