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This is one important part of the life of a Unilorin student. Where you stay in anywhere matters a lot because it changes you. Students will say they can't stay on campus cos it's being classified as a prison, why? Did you see bars in front of your hostel?

In Unilorin, you're either staying on campus, Oke-Odo, Tanke or other areas especially those based in Ilorin because i don't know what a student is looking for outside Tanke. Staying on campus, there's one crazy benefit which you'll enjoy and that's Electricity. Electricity is one thing you'll enjoy on campus, apart from that, some people will say you'll enjoy reading. Please who enjoys reading? It's annoying abegi. It's my Almighty God that'll judge that person that started exams even school sef.

Let me start with Lagos hostel, chai chai chai, i heard those girls are dirty, i heard ni o and they walk upandan with no clothes, *i heard ni o* Please o. What of Zamfara hostel? Well, they're neat but there are many hotspots close to the hostel. When i say hotspots, you know what i mean. The hotspot is fast ehn, imfact 4G that cannot be seen. Things happen there at night, they know themselves sha.

What of the boys hostel? Jesu! When you enter boys hostel, just make sure you don't pass their toilets else you'll enter coma. I warned you o. And those boys cannot cook, chai. You'll see different types of rice in that hostel, red, yellow, yellow mixed with green for those that want to form best chef. What of the Private hostels (Girls)? Awon omo butti that will be talking like insect. The way cars always go to that hostel to pick up girls at night ehn, *lips sealed*

Let's talk about Oke-Odo. First, know that if you're staying at Oke-Odo, it's -1.0 in your GPA per session or -0.5 in your CGPA per session. That is a place where GPA is being sucked like...errm..errrm. See them dirty minded. That place is just too lively. Club Evoke is now close, chai. Awon ti Bekadims. Awon GP suckers.  For the boys, is it girls you're looking for? Jesu, they're many faa. Just know how to set your P well. Girls that will be wearing *lips sealed* that the first thing that will come to your head is "Shey I no go rape this girl like this" especially those boys that Konji haff catch their life. Does Oke-odo have any benefit sha?

What of Tanke? First know that staying in Tanke or Oke-Odo, the light is very bad. You can clearly see in the image.. Tanke is not really boring but it's just that it's you and your hostel compared to Oke-Odo that's it's you and and the whole "Oke-odo". The boys in my hostel ehn, chai, they kill any animal that mistakenly crawls into the compound looking for food. First, it was dog, it was a friend's dog tho but they killed and ate it sha. Next was goat, the mumu goat went to enter compound that they're on red eyes. Just yesterday, they killed a goat that entered the compound and ate. I'm serious o. Students ehn. See proof: This is Dog Meat o but i did not eat it sha.

For those that are not Ilorin based and are staying off Tanke and Oke-Odo. You are abnormal because i don't know what you're looking for, Well, see you next weekend. Guess the next topic? "Dress Code" You definitely don't want to mizz it.

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