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(Life of a Unilorin Student) Episode 1 - Why Pretty Unilorin Girls Form?

Pretty Unilorin Girls and forming is like a law student and white & black. 🤔 
Yes, there are fine girls than fine boys in Unilorin. In fact every faculty in Unilorin has different categories of girls. If you’re looking for the assets, visit Social Science or Management Sciences. If you’re looking for the pretty pretty girls, visit all science departments. For the ‘serious serious baes’, go to UITH. For the very pretty but unserious girls, visit Arts (PFA to be precise). For the ‘not fine but very serious girls’(I did not say ugly o), visit Engineering. For the playful girls (you know what I mean) visit Education and Agriculture. Now, to that faculty where Unilorin Fm is, I don’t understand the pride in those girls and it’s not that they’re fine o but they can form for Jesus sef 😟. That department where the stadium is, chai, those girls will be wearing bump shorts upandan claiming they’re in Human kinectics. 

Ehen, why Pretty Unilorin Girls Form? 
First, I don’t understand why these girls form but I’ll try. Almost every Unilorin babe I’ve met has one serious boyfriend in Lagos, like me I no sabi as e dey go for lag. Boyfriend that is straf#ing different girls in Lagos. Some Unilorin boys sef use to f##k up, they’ll be dressing like Sango 😩 . Unilorin dress code did not say you should be wearing different colours of jean. You’ll see some boys wearing multi-coloured skinny jeans, my brother why? 😩 Are you from Sango’s lineage? Dress well, wear nice round necks, nice *chino* trousers and nice shoes. When exam comes, better be sharp o. No be me koba you o, omolomo. 😝 Another aspect of Unilorin girls forming is they always want to visit the mall or eat sharwarma. They sha want to go out sha. And when they
want to call cab they’ll be saying *Shoprite* like it’s only shoprite that’s in the mall. Imagine Domino or Coldstone opens in Ilorin.
Lol, my brothers money is going, money is gone. Thank God me I’m kuku leaving.

And you hardly find a fine Unilorin babe at Buka, opposite SUB. They believe it’s broke boys that go there, they don’t know it’s where you’ll eat and be okay. “Home of Bread and Beans”. Chai, God bless Iya Chy-Oma of Buka 10. 😘 

Another thing about Fine Unilorin girls, they won’t date a guy that boards Korope, like say no be means of transportation not to talk of the ones that do ‘Tanke Sir’. If you want automatic place in Unilorin Girl’s heart, buy a car. If you can’t buy, bring your father’s car (I’m not there sha) but if you have a car, just park, get down and stand in front pressing your phone you’ll see what will happen in 10mins.

Another code is for guys in 300l, 400l and 500l. When girls of lower levels hear your level, they’ll fall which will make girls of your level kinda jealous and reduce forming. Also get involved doing something like dancing, singing, playing instruments, do something sha. Many activities coming up in 2nd semester.

Finally, if you’re planning to do any of the above mentioned, don’t forget to read o. 1.50 ni crossing CGPA o or Tanke Straight, Tanke sef is full. Lagos Straight. Unilorin no send o, they like book, so better have sense.

Don’t forget, board cabs at N60 and korope at N50. 👍 

Unilorin Olodo.

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  1. Lol...
    Fact and Funny...
    Na so them they do sha buh sometimes some guys no dae look their side at all...